Manuel Barroso

    I am a Global Integration Executive Consultant, who guides companies to seamlessly integrate the entire value chain from customers to suppliers, generating operational savings and increasing revenue.

    Throughout my career, I have driven solid integration and optimization of several Fortune 500 companies.

    I am recognized by the following key strengths:

    1. Thought leader in global end-to-end integration management
    from process to solutions, including CRM, ERP,
    on the cloud and mobile, (SAP and Oracle).

    2. Establishment of feasible roadmaps,
    and delivery of CRM and ERP implementations
    (SAP and Oracle).

    3. Successful delivery of global programs
    across companies and functional areas.


    My clients realized benefits such as:

    1. Seamless integration of front and back office, resulting on increased profitability.

    2. Transformation to services and digital products, sustaining market share.

    3. Delivery of complex global programs, reducing operational cost.

    I am known for my commitment to the success of my customers. I assure this success by creating high performing teams, defining solutions and delivering results.

    My career experience includes Business Development and Delivery Executive at IBM, Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers and SAP Center of Excellence manager at T-systems.

    I am seeking referrals to companies that are looking to increase profitability or optimize global or regional operations, leveraging my experience in 5 out of the 7 continents, not Africa or Antarctica as yet.
    I am Manuel Barroso, Executive Partner at Positive Business Consulting Services.